Friday, November 18, 2016

Assistive Technology Tools for Transition to Work Posts Coming

Hello Everyone,
It has been a while since I have written on this blog. My work has moved into the realm of high school transition services as we work to develop a more seamless transition for students from the classroom to a world of competitive intergrated employment here in Oregon.
What is interesting to me is that way back when I first started this blog, No Limits to Learning,  I actually had 2 blogs. One was this one, No Limits to Learning, for education, and the other one was No Limits to Life - a blog dedicated to vocational and life accommodations with AT. It just got to be too much to monitor and write both blogs so I closed down the life blog and focused on learning. Now many years later, I have found it starting to come full circle as I am focusing on the transition from Learning to Life for our students 18 - 21.

I am going to "re-awaken" this blog somewhat and start to share on the vocational/transitional topic more in the weeks/months ahead. I also want to share with you my more current blog, A Techie Toolbox, which has been a platform for my ongoing conference presentations and trainings over the past few years and has been a more narrow focus for teachers and professionals.
Also, I have a blog for my transition services in Eastern Oregon at TNF8 (Transition Network Facilitator for Region 8 in Eastern Oregon)
So, as you can see, I have still been blogging, it has just changed adresses and topics.
Hope to see some old visitors return and share comments as well.
Thanks to all of you that use this as a reference and resaource.
Lots of gratitude goes your way!

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