Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Online Typing Resources

I have been asked about keyboarding and typing programs and our schools always are looking for free resources. I have used tuxtyping for kids for a long time. I thought I would add a few others below. If you have some resources that you like please comment and add your ideas and links! - this one is free but you have to register to keep scores and track progress. a directory list of free and pay typing programs online


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Paul Hamilton said...

Hi Lon. I suggest adding BBC School's Dance Mat Typing to your list. Some of the accents may be challenging for the North American ear, but it is definitely an engaging way to develop keyboard skills.

T_Sommer said...

Have you used Typing Tutor for helping students learn to type? It's a program that creates a game for students to motivate them to type faster and with higher accuracy.

wnxkitchenaid said...

I've been working on an improved typing website. Currently has a free online typing test as well as a typing tutor. Check it out here: