Monday, May 16, 2011

iPad Growth Continues in Support of Special Education

The iPad continues to become more and more popular for supporting students with special needs. I have shared my favorite apps in the past and came across the video clip and article below on how the iPad is being used at a technology resource center in Marin County, California. Thousands of iPads are now beginning to be purchased for special education students. I am thankful for the support we have in Oregon from United Cerebral Palsy in helping fund iPads with Proloquo2go and other apps they might need. We have been able to provide them to several students.

ABC Local Affiliate iPads for Special Education

This is well worth watching. I especially enjoyed seeing two students hold a conversation between them, one with a Dynavox VMax and the other with an iPad with Proloquo2go.

All the best!


Sacha said...

I really wish that I could have an ipad in my classroom. It is possible to request one through the IEP process?

There are so many ways that I would love to use it with my sped students.

I have all sorts of writing videos that I have created to reteach concepts that I would love them to have access to:


T_Sommer said...

We have been learning about the use of iPads in classrooms in my AT class. I think that this is fantastic! But, how are educators who don't have access to abundant funds getting iPads? Is it a program that Apple has? Or is it something the school district provides?