Friday, September 24, 2010

Never Under-estimate where Financial Support will Show up for AT!

I am excited today that I am getting ready to deliver a brand new Dell laptop loaded with Clicker 5 and a new scanner donated for a middle school student I serve. I can't give out any name or location but I can share his story.
He trialed a laptop and we used a scanner to scan text and worksheets as text files. We pasted the text into Clicker 5 (free trial download) for him to hear and to fill in questions and worksheets. He uses a mouse and the on-screen keyboard in Clicker 5 to input his work. The assistants were excited because he was finally able to access the text and write answers independently without them having to do it for him. The catch was funding a laptop, software and scanner.
I told the school that we would look outside their funding first and do all we could to find a way to purchase one. I wanted it to be HIS laptop to take with him wherever he might go.
I submitted a request with a children's hospital fund but it didn't go through. About mid-summer I had to let the family know that I would still be looking but our resources weren't panning out.
Of all places, I was at a BBQ with friends and an old friend, retired military was in town and we got to talking about my work, AT kids needs etc. Out of the blue he asked, "Do you have any particular projects you are looking at for kids right now that I could help with?"
"You bet!" I said. I told him about the need to purchase a laptop, Clicker 5 and a scanner.
"I'll get a check off in the mail to you in a week or so." he replied.

Sure enough a check arrived, I ordered the equipment, got everything loaded and we are taking it out next week! Never underestimate where you can find channels for money for kid's equipment. I share needs all the time. I am so grateful for those wonderful people who are generous givers to kid's causes. This post goes out as a thanks to my friend - you know who you are... Thanks SO much!

All the best to you!

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