Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Readability: Great Way to Read the Web

Want to read your web pages in a format you want at the click of a button?
Try Readability, an arc90 experiment. Just choose your format style, the font size and margin spacing, combine them in a customized "bookmarklet" and add to your browser toolbar and you can see the content clean and enlarged the way you like it. You can even email the article to someone in your format style. There is a video on the home page which shows you how to install the bookmarklet.
Check it out!
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Jim Gerl said...


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Maria said...


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johnL said...

Readability is a good one, indeed!

Since the inclusion of 'reader' in Safari 5, I've been using it quite often. I'd be interested in your review of the two.

joven said...

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johnL said...

Lon, good one. I like it, too.

For Safari users, note that the newest iteration has "reader," a similar function, built into the browser. It can be accessed with a click on the word "reader" in the right end of the location bar or with the cmd-shft-r key combination.