Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Calling for iTouch App Ideas for Special Needs: What Do You Use?

I had a parent send me this video clip today and asked if I had a resource list of apps she might use with her son. He is in 3rd grade and we are introducing Clicker 5 on a laptop to him and he is developing computer skills and writing with the grids.

We have an iTouch in our loan center but have had some glitches in setting up an account and getting funding released at work to put into gift cards to buy apps - one of which is the proloquo2go app. I use Speak it! and have looked more at augmentative communication apps. Here is a list from egolfer on scribd for iPhone, iPad and iTouch Apps for Special education. He has a great list all categorized. I would like to hear from you on things you use and have found success with.

What are you using? We would love any ideas and suggestions you have as to what you are finding for the iTouch/iPhone. If you add a comment with your suggestions, I will start a sidebar list for everyone of what we turn up. Also, if you want to email me at lonthornburg@nolimitstolearning.com I can read and share what you send if you don't want to leave a comment.

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seanjsweeney said...

Percentally is a great (teacher-centered) app for tracking student progress- it was created by Eric Sailers, a speech pathologist. I have to feature it on my blog soon!

I also am discovering that certain game apps are great for working on pragmatic skills. I recently used EA's Game of Life in a group for teens and got a lot more interpersonal communication from them (as they passed the iTouch, commented and informed others what had happened on the turn) than if they were all sitting around the traditional board game.

Sean J Sweeney

Jose said...

Although I am not in love with the iPad or iPod touch, I do appreciate that attention that they have brought to augmentative communication. They have definitely made AAC more accessible; knowing that we do not have to rely entirely on 3rd party funding is a big plus.


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K said...

Hi Lon,

I did a post about iPod Touch/iPhone and iPad apps for those with significant disabilities a while ago you could look at http://teachinglearnerswithmultipleneeds.blogspot.com/2009/06/ipod-touchiphone-app-round-up-for-users.html