Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hand-shake a Mouse! Vertical Mouse an Ergonomic Support

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse
I stumbled across this great idea and thought I would share. I haver tendonitis in my forearm and I am thinking this might help.

I found it listed on sale for $69.95 from The Human Solution.

Al the best to you,


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Dan said...

Hi Lon. If your tendonitis is in your mouse hand, I'm betting the best method to reduce it is to re-evaluate pointer usage entirely with that hand. More keyboard shortcuts, more breaks, move mouse to the other side, use speech input...I've gone through this myself and helped others as well. We have one of these mice in our lab and it's a good idea for when things get back to normal. Good luck and thanks for the blog!

Lon said...

Thanks Dan,
I use my touch pad most of the time and text on my iPhone and do email. I will take your advice and see how I can relieve the situation. Love the mouse...