Monday, March 9, 2009

Assistive Technology Social Networking Spaces Share Great Resources

Ning is a great place for folks to set up social networking spaces to share all about whatever their interest is. On the "Assistive Technology Blog Carnival", we received an invitation to explore "Electronic Assistive Technology webSIG" which has a lot of people joining and some interesting topics, videos, etc.
Another social networking space I have enjoyed is "Assistivetech." It was started by Brian Wojcik who operates the SEAT Center at Illinois State University. Karen Janowski of "Teaching Every Learner" has also been involved in starting the network. There are a lot of great leaders and thinkers sharing ideas.

Classroom 2.0 is my other pick to recommend for those of you wanting to jump in the sharing stream of a social network within technology, education and assistive technology. There are lots of discussions there on how to integrate Web 2.0 for accommodating learning styles and using online technology and networking innovation in the classroom. Last time I looked they had almost 4000 visits a day!

I have built some great connections and learned about new things that constantly spark my interest into different areas. Social networking for professional reasons can be a great thing.

All the best to you!


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